Sneak Peek at Dogfighter Metal Sun

Silver Machine Games have sent me a preview build of their upcoming dogfighter Metal Sun.  It features some incredible graphics and a huge world, along with great controls.  The controls do get a little getting used to and figuring out, but let’s see if this game is good enough for you App Store addicts.

The gameplay is that you’re in a jet/dogfighter, shooting up the aliens on the ground that are trying to steal the humans, which in this case, are blue orbs.  The ship is controlled through the accelerometer, and you can move forward using a slider on the left hand of the screen.  Shooting can be accomplished by tapping on the top right hand of the screen, and the pause money comes up when you tap the top of the screen twice.  Calibration is also available, but you must do it manually by entering the game then calibrating through one of the options available.  The game is solely an arcade experience, and you must survive to try and receive the best possible score while defending the humans from the aliens.  If all the humans disappear (9 or 10 in this case), it’s game over or if you run out of all your lives (4), the game is over and you receive a high score.  I’m really liking the arcade-like experience which provides some pretty interesting gameplay.

The graphics are the biggest plus in this game.  Graphics are very crisp and neatly done to make this game one of the best looking games, in my opinion.  The menus and loading screens are also very nicely designed to look pretty polished, and there’s also an enemy screen that shows the enemies health, power, etc.  The ships and aliens are all very crisp looking and very clear.  I’m very impressed with Metal Sun’s graphics, and they seem to be a major part of this game.

All in all, this game delivers not a lot, but it does deliver some nice graphics.  Gameplay is an arcade shooter, so you have to beat your own high score.  Content-wise, it doesn’t include much, but it makes up for it with addictive gameplay and wonderful graphics.  Controls work very well once you calibrate and find out how to play, and the game is pretty challenging.  The spinning of the ship and the exhilarating, dizzying effect is all there.  Some upcoming updates will include some type of MMO (massive multiplayer online) and customizable/upgradable ships.  Some 3GS specific graphics are also in the works, although it is still in the early stages of testing.  This game looks quite promising, and I cannot wait for the release.

The price will be $1.99, and it should come out very soon.  It has been in the App Store approval process for one week now.  The game is developed and published by Silver Machine Games.

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  1. Nice! I love this genre on the iPhone — I think it works really well. Can’t wait to check it out once it’s released.

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