First Look at Occurro

The stellar space shooter Occurro has been released today on the App Store for $0.99.  The gameplay plays very similarly to 2079, another space shooter that was received quite well by the community.  This game seems to offer some more, but does it have enough to outdo the prior?

Gameplay is a space shooter where enemies appear randomly within the small, fenced in space.  You can control your ship by using either accelerometer controls or touch controls using dual joysticks.  All you have to do in this game is kill as many enemies as possible and survive as long as you can using 3 lives and 3 bombs.  There are online highscores, but I could not get my score submitted due to crashing when score was submitted and connection to the server errors.  Other than that, the gameplay is very similar to 2079 although it does offer a bit faster gameplay and better graphics.

Graphics in this game are nicely done, and it does fit in with the space theme.  Menus and loading screens are all nicely designed to make it look polished and full of quality.  The bullets, enemies, and background are all nice little graphical bursts in the game that make this game look quite nice.  The background particularly shows some depth by layering the stars, then having them move to make an effect that makes the game look “deep”.

Overall, this game offers some simple gameplay that may be addictive for some, and may not for others.  It is a highscore type of game where you beat your own highscore and beat the scores of people around the world.  I had trouble trying to connect to the global highscore server, so that is one thing that I believe needs to be fixed.  The game would either crash or take an excessive amount of time to submit my score, only to end in an error message.  The gameplay delivers what it’s suppose to deliver, and I have no complaints with the graphics and artwork.  It’s worth a look for only $0.99 and certainly is worth the asking price.  The major problem that needs to be fixed immediately are the highscore submitting times and crashes.  But there is some great news for consumers.  Because the game took almost 3 weeks to be approved, the developer has had time to complete version 1.1.  Here are some new features/fixes coming up shortly.

  • Fixed a bug that inhibited multitouch after viewing high scores
  • Improved stability
  • Added online high score viewing capability without requiring location
  • Added roll accelerometer calibration (some 3GSs are way off)
  • Improved phone call handling
  • Improved high score initialization speed
  • Added primary weapon type to saved game data
  • Added score & tweaked graphics on game over screen
  • Improved player respawn initialization
  • Dodger enemy AI improved
  • Improved enemy spawn logic
  • Adjusted volume of launch sounds
  • Improved explosion blending
  • Improved network error alerts

The price is $0.99, and the creators are Acceleroto.

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