Super Collider: Is It Super?

Pixel Mine Inc., the creators of the fabulous RPG Underworlds, has released another game called Super Collider, something that offers a somewhat different gameplay than Underworlds.  In this game, you control an orb and dodge the other “enemy” orbs while collecting “good orbs” to beat the level.  It’s a simple game, but does it really live up to the “super”?

The gameplay is simple and engaging, control the orb, collect good orbs, and avoid bad orbs all with one finger.  Seems easy and boring right?  Well, the speed increases after every level, and more bad orbs appear to make this game somewhat challenging.  I did enjoy the gameplay, but one of my main gripes are the controls.  Although I cannot think of an alternative way to control the orb, the “using one finger” thing sometimes gets in the way of your view of the whole screen.  I found myself looking over my finger and sometimes even losing a life because of the loss of sight.  There are powerups and score multipliers to add some more fun to the game, but again, the controls need to be modified so that you can actually see most of the screen.

Graphics and animations are fairly nice, but I did have some problems with the words/font.  The words would sometimes run off the screen a little bit, and the font looked a little awkward at times.  The color of the orbs, menu designs, and powerups are all beautifully done, but the problem with the artwork is the font and size of the words.

All in all, Super Collider provides some nice, simple gameplay that’s similar to many of the simple games found on the App Store (i.e. Flight Control, Crash!).  The controls need to be modified in an update, who knows how, but my finger(s) get in the way of the play screen; therefore, causing me to lose.  Another feature that needs to be added is online highscores.  Currently, there are only local highscores, and you compete against yourself and try to beat your own highscore.  I still found the game enjoyable without global highscores, but for this game to appeal to the more hardcore gamers, online highscores must be added.  I hope Pixel Mine adds these two features/changes in an upcoming update, but other than that, this game offers some relaxing and simple gameplay.  As of right now, the game will appeal to many casual gamers who want a simple pick up and play game, but hardcore gamers may find the game easy or unappealing.

The price is $0.99, and the creators are Pixel Mine Inc. who are well-known for their Diablo-like RPG Underworlds.

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