John Smith Stars In Crash!

Crash!, a unique iPhone game, was just recently released by StormBASIC.  In this game, you’re a character named John Smith who, apparently, likes to ride unicycles while running through walls in all sorts of positions.  The game was clearly influenced by the Japanese game show Human Tetris, and Crash! involves many of the shapeshifting fun.

In this game Crash!, you control your person by using the 3 arm positions found on each side of the screen.  The left side of the screen controls the positions of your left hand while the right side of the screen controls the positions of your right hand.  All you have to do is tap the position that will most likely have John Smith make it through the wall, and if you don’t make your decisions quick enough CRASH!!! faceplant right into the wall.  The holes in the wall can be found anywhere, the middle, left, or right, and you must tilt your device to get through or else you’ll, again, crash.

Graphics are all in 3D, and they look pretty crisp.  I thought that the menu designs were a little awkward for a game of this type.  The in-game colors are leaning more towards the dark colors while the menu is designed very brightly with rays of red and yellow.  It is somewhat awkward, but the in-game graphics are nonetheless nicely done.

All in all, it’s a nice pick up and play game for maybe 3-5 minute playing sessions at most.  It’s a simple game, a little too simple for my taste but something you’ll enjoy for the $0.99 price tag.  I can’t see this game being played for very long because of the lack of depth, but the graphics and gameplay are reasonably well done.  It is a unique game that I don’t think you’ll find anywhere else on the App Store, but again, it is a bit shallow.  I also found the accelerometer controls to be a little bit too sensitive, and the highscore board could be improved a little to show local highscores and where you stand globally/country.  Other than that, I found this game quite enjoyable for casual and hardcore gamers (once the speed increases) and is a nice and simple pick up and play game.

The price is $0.99, and the creators are StormBASIC, the makers of ZombieHunter (previously known as 7 Days of Apocalypse) and Ankagua XL: a puzzle game with beautiful 3D graphics.

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  1. Yeah, it definitely reminded me of that crazy gameshow immediately. I can’t help but laugh when watching that video.

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