DynoQuest: An Upcoming Game from StormBASIC

I was informed by StormBASIC about their upcoming game DynoQuest.  From the video, it seems like the game will be similar to Stoneloops of Jurassica‘s Grab n’ Shoot mode where you grab the piece and place it somewhere else to create combos and whatnot.  DynoQuest is currently in review, so it should be with us in about a week or so.


DynoQuest is a super addictive and challenging puzzle game!
Your objetive is to grab and group 4 or more diamonds of the same colour to eliminate them from the screen, until you fill the level bar.
Pretty graphics, funny Music & FX, power-ups, great gameplay….You will love DynoQuest.

– Autosave.
– Incredibly simple yet addictive.
– PowerUps & Special bricks.
– 2 game modes: Classic & Endless.
– Hours of gameplay
– Online scores.
– A lot of scenarios.

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