Star Hogs: What A Blast!

I’ve been playing around with Star Hogs for a little bit now, and all I can say is this is one beautiful game.  I never really got into the whole “iShoot” hype and was never addicted to that game, but Star Hogs is a whole different story.  Included with online multiplayer and 32 campaign levels, this seems to be a must have for buyers.

Gameplay is very similar to iShoot in the light of the fact that you aim and try to explode the other tanks.  After that, it’s a totally different game.  It has upgradable shields and weapons with different types of ships and enhancements.  The maps are on what appears to be space, and you’re settled onto a pile of rocks.  Your opponent is located on various places on the map, and you must blow them up to beat the level.  You can move through the handy dandy boosters you have on your tank, but they eat up quite a lot of energy, and if you run out of energy your turn ends.  Aiming is done by moving your finger either up or down and the power is determined by how long you hold down the fire button.  The energy system provided in this game is a nice feature since you have a multiple of choices you can choose from like shooting twice moving around until you run out of energy.

Graphics are absolutely gorgeous in this game.  The hangar where you buy the ships and other parts is extremely well done and when they described the game as “IUGO high-quality and polish” they weren’t kidding.  Although I’m not really digging the rock graphics in-game, the tanks and missiles are the big plusses to the graphics in this game.  The atmosphere is also very well done, especially the planets that are occasionally beneath the “moon rocks”.

All in all, Star Hogs is a beautiful game with so far, great gameplay.  The graphics are extremely well done, and the “IUGO polish” is pretty high.  The music and game soundtrack is also very enjoyable, and I would rather have the game sound effects and soundtrack than my own iPod music.  AI is also somewhat challenging, and will provide a challenge for hardcore gamers as well.  Online multiplayer is also a very nice addition to the game and provides, probably, hours of added on gameplay.  I am rather impressed with IUGO’s new title and expect to see more of this quality with their upcoming titles.  The $4.99 is pretty reasonable for a game with so much content, and I commend IUGO for this wonderful addition to the App Store.


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I have been an iPhone game addict ever since the NES emulator came out on the 1.1.4 iPhone 2G. After 2.0 and the App Store came out, my iPhone homescreen has never been the same. Other than writing reviews for App Store games, I play soccer/football, American football, volleyball, and golf. I love going to the beach and fishing on the pier. Some games not available on iPhone/iPod Touch that I truly love are the Call of Duty series, Guitar Hero III, Madden NFL 09, and PGR: Gotham Racing.

4 thoughts on “Star Hogs: What A Blast!

  1. I’d check this out but I know Worms is coming. I can’t help but think that will be the king of the genre. It’s good to see another quailty title from IUGO though.

  2. It is a quality game, and its worth checking out. I also have the feeling that Worms will prevail, but hey, this one’s pretty good.

  3. Turns out Worms is so ridiculously lousy compared to this game. Worms isn’t worth the wait at all. It crashes, lag at like 5 frames per second and the controls are so stupid a monkey could design a better touch control system. Worms on iphone sux bad. Team17 said they are going to fix it, WTF did they put out such a piece of shit in the first place.

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