Sailing the Seas With Sea Captain

Playing around with Sea Captain provides a whole new experience with the “Flight Control” genre.  Many may say this is a Harbor Master/Flight Control ripoff, but this provides a whole new experience that separates this from the rest.  As a matter of fact, each game (Harbor Master,Flight ControlSea Captain) is unique in their own way, so “which one should I get” might not apply here because of the differences between all 3 games.

In Sea Captain, you land the boats in their docks but don’t have to take them out.  Instead, it is similar to Flight Control where you dock them and that’s that.  The twist to this game is that you have to avoid crashing into the dock and crashing into other ships at the same time.  You can’t crash into the rocks either or else a life is taken away.  By the way, another twist is you have 3 lives at the start of the game.  Each ship you crash costs one life and the game is over once you crash 3 ships.  The twists added to this game makes it feel like a totally new experience; the only thing similar is the docking and dragging the ships to get them to the docks.  There are 3 types of ships: slow ones, fast ones, and submarines.  There is also a day and night mode for each map, and in night mode the only thing lighting the map are the little lights on the ships and the light house in the middle of the map.  Crashing is not a problem when night comes.

Graphics are nice and polished, and although I prefer Harbor Master’s artwork and layout, this one seems to be just fine.  The menu buttons are a little big, and the font is a bit obtrusive, but they are nicely done.  The maps looks hand drawn, which is a good thing, but I would have liked more detail in the ships.  Other than that, Curious Toys did a pretty handy job with the artwork and I am impressed with them.

All in all, this game is not a Harbor Master ripoff or a Flight Control scam.  It provides many new twists not available in any of the other ones, and I personally felt that it was a totally new experience.  Online highscores are available for all maps, both day and night versions, and fast forwarding is also available on all maps.  There are currently 3 maps and I hope they create more, but for now 3 maps are plenty.  This game is very difficult compared to Flight Control, but easy enough for casual gamers to pick up and play.  I am impressed with what Curious Toys added to make this a totally different game experience.  Price is $0.99, which is very reasonable considering the amount of different features included in this game.


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3 thoughts on “Sailing the Seas With Sea Captain

  1. Do you prefer the three lives system vs the other, instant lose games?

    I figure it may be a bit early to tell, but what’s your favourite of the three you mentioned?

  2. It is kinda hard to tell. The three lives system actually feels like the instant lose ones because this game goes super fast. Guiding the ships without crashing is extremely hard, especially when there’s tons of rocks in the way. Three lives goes by pretty fast.

    And the favorite amongst the three would have to be Flight Control. Although I do like this one, it’s a little bit difficult and docking boats requires a lot of attention. In Flight Control, there’s not much attention needed until later on, and I’ve been having problems with Harbor Master running smoothly on my iPhone.

  3. Cool. I think Flight Control would be my favourite as well, for the simple fact it was the first one I played in that genre on the iPod. It’s also got really, really well done online integration. I haven’t tried Sea Captain though.

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