First Look at Kill All Bugs

Quite a game you’ve got here Bight Games.  But sadly, not enough to compete with the other TDs.  It has a unique story; bugs running over the world, but the features and options that are available aren’t quite enough to compete with games such as the likes of Star Defense and Sentinel 2: Earth Defense.  It is a good start and has potential, but a lack of features is the main issue with this RTS/TD game.

In the game, you basically build towers just like a tower defense game.  Bugs appear from underground, and you have to kill them off before they get to the cities.  Once they get to the cities, they start attacking the population, and if the population goes all the way down it’s game over.  The factor that makes this different is the fact that you can block the bug’s pathway, but the bugs will go on a “rampage” and destroy almost all your towers.  You have to be wise on what you spend your money on and where you put your towers because these bugs get angry.  The one things that somewhat annoys me is the fact that they label this an RTS (real-time strategy) game with almost little or no RTS elements.  I’m talking about the likes of Mecho Wars or Quantum Collapse. From the 4 out of 21 missions I have played, it has been pretty straight forward tower defense for me.

Graphics are nicely done, and the menus and levels are designed pretty well.  The graphics are the pixelated, retro type of graphics which work pretty well for this game.  Bight Games has designed this very nicely and the artwork is one of the major pluses in this game.  Although they aren’t great compared to Star Defense, it does accomplish what I believe Bight Games aimed for.

All in all, I cannot recommend this game for it’s aggressive $3.99 asking price.  Lack of fast forward, towers, upgrades, difficulty settings, and slow gameplay make this a no-go.  Some missions are difficult, which will frustrate a casual gamer, and this game is lacking a lot compared to its competition.  It does include unlockable artwork and wallpaper, but that just doesn’t seem enough to redeem this game.  The bugs running over your towers adds a little twist to the tower defense genre, but again, not enough to redeem this dull gameplay.

EDIT: I have just been informed this is NOT an RTS.  The App Store description was apparently written wrong.  Sorry for any confusion caused, again, this is NOT an RTS (real time strategy).

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