Sea Captain: Another Flight Control Ripoff?

Seems like once Flight Control made a hit, all these other companies want a piece of that success.  Sea Captain has just been released today for a price of $0.99, and the theme is boats, docks, and things of that nature.  Some may say this is similar to Harbor Master, but here are some features that set it apart from the rest:

– Three beautiful seas to navigate
– Day & night adventures
– Varying weather effects
– The ability to fast forward
– Moving obstacles such as icebergs
– Global high-score leaderboards
– Pirates!

There is a pirate update coming for Harbor Master, but this one has beat them to it.  The day and night features are also another little twist to the game, making the screen dark and only lighted by the lighthouses nearby.  Choose your paths carefully or CRASH! game over.  Varying weather effects are also included in this game, something that I would like to know how it works.

The cost is $0.99 and the creator is Curious Toys.  File size is 9.7 MB.  You can follow them on Twitter at

EDIT:  Seems like this game is way better than Flight Control and “blows Harbor Master out of the water”.  In this game, you only have to dock the boats, not pull them out which is similar to Flight Control.  Icebergs and other obstacles put this game apart from the rest though and has been received positively by most of the community.

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2 thoughts on “Sea Captain: Another Flight Control Ripoff?

  1. This is nothing like Harbor Master or Flight Control except for the control being you can draw where to go, the gameplay is completely different.. You should understand what you’re writing about before writing. You don’t explain anything about the gameplay here, you’re defending a base, not landing or porting vehicles. There’s health meters and ships and cannons, wtf.

  2. I’m sorry, I haven’t played the game myself. From the description, it says that it was inspired by Flight Control, so I assumed it was something like that from the screenshots and all.

    Sorry if I caused any confusions.

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