Rolando 2: Rollin’ With the Crew

That’s right, rollin’ around downtown.  But not with hydraulics, with Rolandos!  Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid has made its way to the downtown we know as the App Store, and it has certainly lived up to my expectations.  Although there was a bit of a delay, it was well worth the insignificant one day wait.

Warning to people: this game is highly well done.  Designs are very nicely done, and the 2.5D graphics give a great feel to the game.  Although I would have liked it to have 2.5D Rolandos, the backgrounds are very nicely done.  The colors and design put into this game, like the first one, is beautifully done.  I have no complains against the artwork as they are one of the best in the App Store.

Gameplay is surprisingly very, very similar to the first.  It’s almost as if I’m playing the first one all over again in 2.5D.  If you didn’t like the first Rolando, I suggest you clear away from the second one due to the similarities in gameplay.  The 2.5D does add a little bit of twist to the gameplay, but not enough to change the Rolando experience for the people.  It preserves Rolando 1’s unique gameplay, so clear away if you didn’t like the first.  Some differences though include weapons to attack your enemies with like bombs to blow up the savages or crossbows to spear the tribal people.  The Plus+ network is also integrated into this sequel with many more achievements to collect and online highscores for each level.  It also includes a more variety of characters, each with its own attributes to help you get to the end.

So far, this game has been great, but not without a few glitches and frustrations.  First of all, the title screen is very nicely done but does produce glitches when excessively tilting the screen back and forth.  While playing on my iPhone 2G, I also experienced some serious slowdowns in framerate, and the Plus+ network lags when opening and scrolling through achievements, etc.  This needs to be fixed immediately and should be on ngmoco:)’s top priority.  iPhone 3GS users have also experienced slowdowns, something that shows there is something wrong with the game.  The screen is also sometimes very jerky in the level select screens and even in-game.

Overall, this is a wonderful experience for fans of the first Rolando.  If you didn’t enjoy Rolando 1, clear away from Rolando 2 as it is very similar in gameplay.  The 2.5D graphics work very nicely and look absolutely gorgeous.  Although I would have liked 3D Rolandos, the backgrounds work just fine.  Bombs, crossbows, and lasers are all very nice additions to the puzzling gameplay and the more variety of Rolandos is something that I personally love about this game.  Great job ngmoco:), but please fix the slowdowns.

Cost is $9.99 and the file size is 56.1 MB.  The game is made by ngmoco:), a company that is dedicated on solely making iPhone and iPod Touch games.


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