Tiger Woods PGA Tour: Another Hit by EA Mobile!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour is yet another huge success!  EA Mobile created a fun, quality golf game that is unparalleled on the app store.  Of course, I have a slight bias as I love golf.  When Let’s Golf hit the app store, I thought that it would be hard to beat.  I had seen screenshots of Tiger Woods PGA Tour and was somewhat underwhelmed.  I also questioned how well the swinging mechanism would work on the iPod Touch.

I am happy to announce that I was completely wrong.  Tiger Woods PGA Tour delivers the most console-like experience that I have seen yet!  That is not to say that the graphics are the best by any means, but the overall feel of the game is top notch.  The courses are well designed, the physics are realistic (for a pro), and the controls are fantastic.  As always, you can find a clear and concise list of likes and dislikes below.


Swing Mechanism: So I really play golf, and I have yet to find a game that replicates the experience.  However, Tiger Woods PGA Tour for the iPod Touch comes close.  To perfect your swing in the game, you must learn to be precise.  Both your motion and timing must be right on to get that perfect shot.

Winning is Fun Again: When I first started playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour, I had trouble from time to time.  I would find myself with more bogies and double bogies than I liked.  During the first tournament I played, I had +8 after the first round.  However, as I have continued to play the game, I have drastically improved.  That is one great thing about Tiger Woods PGA Tour, it actually requires skill.  This means that you get a feeling of accomplishment whenever you get a birdie or an eagle.  It makes the game all the more worth playing.

Variety of Golf Courses: Each course is unique and fun which keeps Tiger Woods PGA Tour fresh as you progress through the PGA tour.  The courses offer very different obstacles in the way, and you have to play smart to win.


A Crash Here, a Crash There: There haven’t been a lot of crashes, but I find the crashes to be very frustrating.  Once my iPod locked up when Tiger Woods PGA Tour crashed.  I cannot figure out what is causing the crashes, but I would like to see this issue fixed.

Lack of Customization: There is very little customization available in Tiger Woods PGA Tour.  You can only change the player name, skin color, and shirt color.  In addition, there are stats that you can upgrade.  However, I think it would be much, much better if you could personalize the player even more.  Some things I would like to see added are hair color, eye color, facial hair, weight, height, etc.

If you like golf at all or golf games, Tiger Woods PGA Tour is by far the best golf game on the app store.  In fact, I would say that this game is now in my top 5 list.  In my opinion, you won’t find many games that are of this high quality on the app store.  And for the current sale price of $6.99, this is a solid must have!


Tiger Woods PGA Tour by EA Sports was developed by Electronic Arts and is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch for $6.99.  I played through version 1.0.0 on an iPod Touch 2G.





2 thoughts on “Tiger Woods PGA Tour: Another Hit by EA Mobile!

  1. I agree. I think this is one of EA Mobile’s best offerings on the app store.

    The first screenshot is really striking me as funny… that club looks about 8 feet long!

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