Reign of Swords: Episode II is Out

From the creators of the wonderful turn-based strategy game Reign of Swords comes the sequel Reign of Swords: Episode II.  What makes this game different is head-to-head multiplayer, more units (36 in fact), warp portals, and desert-themed maps.

New units include the Dune Siren, Conjurer, Craftsmen, Blood Gorger, and Ballistae.  I have yet to know what the Dune Siren and Blood Gorger do, but what I do know is that the craftsmen creates little huts for little needs while the Ballistae is a huge bow that can be shot at the enemy.  The Conjurer is a wizard that summons creatures to attack the opponent, some creatures that will make you run.

Head-to-head multiplayer.  Back in Reign of Swords: Episode I, you were stuck with setting up a game, and the game making all the choices for you.  Now, there is head-to-head multiplayer where you get to make the choices turn by turn.  This is a great improvement to the multiplayer system.

Future updates for this game include two new lands, more units, additional multiplayer improvements, new improved army customization system, customization of units, and lots more.  Sadly, the graphics are still the same compared to the old one.  I would have liked some graphical improvements; maybe they’ll release that in an update.

There is a free version for the first Reign of Swords to try out if you already haven’t.  The first one is now only $0.99, and Reign of Swords: Episode II is $4.99.


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