Preview of Upcoming Puzzler iBlast Moki

iBlast Moki, Godzilab’s first iPhone game, is set to explode into the App Store soon.  The game is all about exploding bombs to try and get your little Moki to the mystifying wormhole and transport him (or her) out of the level.  You have to time and set the bombs in the right places to complete the level, but that’s not all.  Finish the level in a short amount of time, and you’ll be graciously awarded the coveted gold award.

The time spent playing this game has been an enjoyable one.  From beautiful backgrounds to wonderfully designed levels, this one smells like success mixed in with all the other little goodies.  Artwork is topnotch with great work done to make it look and feel very polished.  Level select screens are, again, done very nicely and I’m overly satisfied with the graphics and polish in this game.

As mentioned before, you have to set bombs accordingly to try and get the Moki into the wormhole.  Failure to do this will result in restarting the level and fixing up all the timing and whatnot.  There are multiple ways to get your cute little Moki to the finish line, but the trick is to make it snappy to take home the gold medal.  Sounds easy right?  Wrong… well sorta.  The difficulty progesses as you progress through the game, and while the beginning might be easy, the later levels will require some testing and thinking.

Some other features that set this game apart from the rest are “online” levels uploaded by other players using the level editor, Facebook connect, and of course, a level editor.  This further extends the already bountiful content, adding much to the already wonderful “campaign” mode.

All in all, this is one game you should be looking out for.  I would be so sad if you missed out on this wonderful experience, unique and original to the App Store.  Price is not set yet, and release date is still to be announced, but I must say, this is one BEAUTIFUL game.


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