iYamato: Is it Really the Most Beautiful Game?

iYamato, claimed to be the most beautiful game on the iPhone, seriously is one nasty battlefield.  From bombs to cannons to bomber planes, this game is full of fun and explosion.  Although I must say this game may not be the most beautiful, I think I can safely say this is one of the most intense.  Huge bombs, little bombs, small bullets, little bullets, this game is full of action and suspense you’ll be crawling back for more.

The story goes that your a Japanese fighter ship in World War II loaded with guns and a large array of weaponry.  To control the guns, you slide your thumbs back and forth on the bottom right and left hand part of the screen.  The cannon button next to the machine gun shoots out powerful bullets to wipe out a section of the sky.  But since it’s a Japanese game (around #5 right now in the Japanese App Store), you’re shooting at the Americans.  The real Yamato was one of the heaviest armed ships that Japan created during the terrifying WWII.

I would have to say that menu screens and highscore screens are far from beautiful, less than the acceptable designs.  Graphics are ok, aren’t extraordinary and awesome, but they are somewhat well done.  The planes on fire is nicely designed, but I do find the bombs to be, like the menus, designed very poorly.  The physics used when shooting at the bombs is far from realistic because the bombs actually tilt like a boat on a rough current.  Can’t say this is the most beautiful game from the mediocre designs that could have been made to look much better.

Gameplay is almost the exact opposite of the design and graphics.  It’s fun, simple, yet hard to master.  Getting through even ten rounds is NOT a minor accomplishment, although this game is perfect for casual and hardcore gamers alike.  You have to survive as long as you can shooting away at the planes and balloons while trying to deflect the bombs away from the ship.  Once you get to round 4, the screen is so full of bombs, planes, and balloons that you can only think of one thing: survival.  Local, country, world, and today highscores add to the wanting of playing this game over and over, but beating your score is no easy task.  The simple yet challenging formula applied to iYamato works well for casual gamers, but hardcore gamers will love the intensity felt in the later levels.

Overall, I would say this game is good but not great.  Gameplay is nice and simple, but the options are so limited that it’s hard to really have a lasting appeal on your device.  What would be a nice addition is more weaponry to chose from, or even a level up system where your ship becomes stronger after every level.  I don’t see this lasting very long because of the lack of options, but it certainly is great $0.99 fun.

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