First Look at Doom Resurrection

I must say that this game is not as bad as I thought it would be.  The words “on-rails” shooter would probably be a turn-off for most and the cost of $9.99 would be another factor in justifying the fact that you’re not going to buy this.  After playing around with this game for maybe half an hour, I think I can safely say this isn’t another Metal Gear Solid Touch.  This is so much more with a plethora of weaponry to choose from and gorgeous 3D graphics.

The gameplay for this game may sound boring, but actually, it’s pretty enjoyable.  I was surprised at what id Software did with this on-rails shooter genre and made it into, what seems like, a full on adventure.  It doesn’t feel like my freedom was taken away at all, and although I do like that freedom factor, Doom Resurrection seems to preserve the natural spirit of an FPS (first person shooter).

There’s a shoot button on the bottom right hand corner, a switch weapon button on the top left, and a reload button on the top right.  Some monsters/enemies/zombies throw projectiles at you, so you have to dodge using a button on the bottom left.  But be careful, if your timing is off, you’ll get hit right in the face.  Other variations that make this game enjoyable is when you have to shake the device to free yourself from the slightly overweight zombie.  This adds to the intensity and suspense the game already provides from the get go.

The screenshots in the App Store don’t do the game’s graphics justice.  In-game graphics are a lot better than the screenshots, and I am pretty satisfied with what they have done.  Doom Resurrection easily has the best graphics a game can have on the iPhone to date.  The detail that went into the bloodthirsty zombies to the design of the doors is very well done; it reflects the id Software’s hard work put into make this game.

I’m sure most of you people have an issue with the price, and I can see where you’re coming from.  $9.99 for a game that’s not even a true FPS and something that won’t appeal to “hardcore” gamers.  Well, I’m here to prove you wrong.  The detail that went into making this game is flawless, and the gameplay was clearly well thought out.  The aggressive pricing that id Software took was a decision that I think was the right decision to make.  To make growth happen in the App Store, this pricing structure needs to be made to fix all the $0.99 game sales when they can be easily worth more.  The reason that these games aren’t selling for more is because of the App Store consumers, who don’t see the extreme value there is in these games.  The pricing for this game is just another factor in the continuing growth of the App Store.  If you’re waiting for a sale, I suggest you keep waiting, but a note to id: don’t.

Overall, I would say that this game is well made and well thought out.  The 30 minutes I’ve played this game has been 30 minutes of intensity, sitting on the edge of the chair while shivering with fear.  My only complaint so far would have been to better design the assault rifle, which looks somewhat pitiful.  On-rails shooter or not, this game is worth checking out.

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