Warpack: Grunts Now Available

From the makers of the critically acclaimed Slotz Racer and Flick Fishing, Freeverse and Strange Flavour have released another exciting game: Warpack: Grunts.  The infamous cheap-skate Evil Dude (creative right?) is forming an army of Ubiquitous Badly Trained Evil Chaps to, of course, take over the world.  An international squad called the Grunts are gathered together to stop this invasion once and for all and save the world from the evil, naughty Evil Dude.

In this game, you control a squadron of soldiers and strategically take down the enemy — all with no d-pad of course. You can choose from M-16s to grenades, and you also have the ability to ride helicopters and tanks. There are 40 “levels of mayhem” and also includes a Zombie Survival mode where you have to survive the waves of zombie enemies.  There are four levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nnnnaarrrgh!) and online highscores for the campaign and every level in the game.

At only $0.99, this game offers a lot of content and fun for everyone. The Grunts, an international squad of soldiers, also have a little bit of cute in them, which adds to the joy and laughter experienced while playing this game. The game has been compared with the Amiga classic Cannon Fodder, and if you liked Cannon Fodder, Warpack: Grunts is said to be similar and keeps the spirits of Cannon Fodder alive. All in all, it looks like Freeverse and Strange Flavour have brewed up another App Store hit.

After some playing around with this game, I’ll post some impressions later.




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