Tyrian is Out: Just Another Shmup?

Mobila Interactive has released a somewhat anticipated shoot-em-up (shmup) called Tyrian.  It’s a port of an old 1995 arcade/PC classic from the DOS era and is remade for your iPhone/iPod Touch. Seeing as there are a lot of shmups in the App Store, will this game stand out from the rest?

First off, the graphics for this game are completely retro, and I would say it looks pretty nice.  The original game on the PC was highly rated and most people have positive impressions so far with this iPhone port.  With the claim of “the best shoot-em-up“, Tyrian has gathered up quite a reputation for itself.

As for the iPhone port, it includes a Full Story & Arcade mode, 4 Episodes: Escape, Treachery, Mission: Suicide, and An End to Fate.  It also claims to offer 50+ levels and 7 levels of difficulty, compared to Siberian Strike which only has 12 levels and 3 levels of difficulty.  Tyrian also has a sophisticated weapon upgrade system with hundreds of weapon combinations to choose from and support for cheat codes and easter eggs.  Sounds like a lot right?  Oh yeah, I forgot to add that there are 30+ music soundtracks by Alexander Brandon with a Jukebox (?).

From all the features listed, it seems like this shoot-em-up offers a lot more content than its current competition.  With iFighter only having 8 “long” levels and Siberian Strike having 12, Tyrian seems to be one that will offer many hours of gameplay for the meager price of $1.99.

Note: I do not own this game yet.




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