First Look at Warpack: Grunts

After spending a good few hours with Warpack: Grunts, I would pretty much say it is a success. The gameplay, while not full of depth, is enough to immerse yourself into the game for at least 30 minutes.  40 levels is a lot of content for a game of this type, which is more of an arcade game than a full on squadron controlling shooter.

The game goes something like this: you drag your finger around leading the squadron through jungles and desert and kill every single enemy you can find.  You have to get to the meeting place to get to the next level and so on.  I haven’t rode a tank or helicopter yet, but I have gone around with bazookas and binoculars scoping for the enemy.  The game starts out with a short tutorial and a few dummy enemies to start out with, and from mission 3, the real action starts.  Although there is not much strategy involved, it’s good for people who want a mindless shooter that, while cute, is also explosive.

One thing that I really liked about this game are the explosion effects that Freeverse added to this game.  When blowing up a can of oil or whatever those red containers are, half of your screen is covered with gorgeous, orange explosions.  It actually feels good blowing things up, and you want to blow things up with every single chance you have.  Another feature that I really liked about this game were the background sounds.  While traveling through the jungle, you’ll get the eerie crickets and fog just as if you were in a real jungle.  You can play in landscape and portrait mode, a smooth transition that can be done by just tilting your device. I have to say that Freeverse/Strange Flavour has seriously outdone themselves with the amount of cool features this includes.  Another one that I would like to include would be the online highscores: available for all levels and your campaign highscore.  This adds to the arcade feel that I was talking about.

There are some gripes that I have about the game that I hope are either fixed or looked at.  The controls especially are somewhat hard to execute and takes some time getting used to.  Sometimes you finger will get in the way of the screen so you can barely see what’s going on.  The “double tap to shoot” works well, but not all the times and your squadron will sometimes go straight toward the onslaught of bullets.  Maybe because of my noobishness or lack of experience, but I believe there could have been another way to control the Grunts.

All in all, this is a very nice title for the meager price of $0.99.  It offers a bunch of content to last you a good 4-6 hours plus the zombie survival mode that will last you who knows how long.  The control scheme problem may be due to the fact that I’m just not experienced enough, but again, I think they could have done a better job.


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