Doom Resurrection Shoots to the App Store

Doom Resurrection, a highly anticipated title by id Software, is finally available for your iPhone and iPod Touch. This is an exclusive title that is not found on any other platform and, surprisingly, is not a port. This is a game made from the ground up with redone graphics and controls that can only be accomplished on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Scientists in a remote facility on Mars have lost control of their experiment, and all Hell has broken loose.  As the last surviving Marine, you have to defeat all of Hell’s minions and unravel the mystery of what has happened on Mars.  Earth’s future depends on your success.

It looks like the game has 8 levels: 6 Mars-themed levels and 2 Hell-themed levels. The cost is $9.99, which may seem pretty expensive for a game that we have little details about so far. What we do know is that it is an FPS that utilizes the accelerometer for aiming and is an on-rails shooter, so you don’t have the ability to roam around anywhere.  It claims to have a revolutionary control scheme and breathtaking 3D graphics.  Some weapons that are offered are the assault rifle, shotgun, chainsaw, plasma rifle, and “many others”.  Doom Resurrection offers 4 levels of difficulty from Recruit to Nightmare, and the 8 levels is said to offer around 2-3 hours of gameplay.

Again, this is an ALL NEW SAGA to the Doom series and is exclusive to this platform.  This cannot be found anywhere else: your PC, Xbox, PS3, anywhere.  The reasoning behind this price tag is to introduce more types of premium titles to this device.  I’m sure big developers don’t want, and can’t afford, to sell their $60 games for $0.99 on the iPhone.





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