A First Look at Sentinel 2: Earth Defense

Following in the footsteps of Sentinel: Mars Defense, Sentinel 2: Earth Defense has entered the App Store tower defense family. From the beginning, the intro screens and voices are enough to draw you into the game. This game also includes OpenFeint, a chatting and achievement system much like Ngmoco‘s Plus+ network. I’ve found that OpenFeint works beautifully with this game, and you can also post your achievements on Twitter and Facebook.

As for the gameplay, if you’re familiar with Sentinel, then I’m sure you will love this game. The story goes that the aliens from Mars have defeated the Mars mining colony and have headed to Earth to invade and destroy. You must protect Earth at all costs. Some features that make this tower defense game stand out from the rest is the ability to shoot missiles, not from towers, but from the Sentinel. After every round, energy is beamed to the Sentinel which is than stored up for ultra attacks when the enemies are at the doorsteps.

So far, the game is very enjoyable and is highly recommended to fans of any other tower defense games. Graphics are very impressive, and although there are many other tower defense games out there, Sentinel 2 is among the best. The one thing that I noticed from this game is that it occasionally crashes, something that I would like to be fixed in an update.  Also, there are not many maps in the campaign mode. There are missions though for you to accomplish, at a total of eight. Each one is different from the last, and each one requires its own strategy.

From the few hours I have played, I am impressed at what Origin8 has added to the tower defense genre. The $2.99 that I paid for this game is very reasonable, and I believe I have had $2.99 worth of fun so far.  “Oh it’s so expensive” or “this is too much money”, does not apply here!

Editor’s Note: Please welcome our new contributor to the team, Daniel!  With this as his first post, and he’ll be continuing to focus on bringing you first impressions of games and information on new releases.




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