Rolando 2 Available July 1, Rolando 1 to Disappear

The update from ngmoco is that Rolando 2 will be available this Wednesday, July 1st.  Rolando 2 expands on the original game by making the environment 2.5D, and including all new levels.  There’s been no official word on the price yet, but with the original debuting at $9.99, I’d expect this one to be priced similarly.

The most interesting piece of information to come with this announcement is that the original Rolando, and Rolando Lite, will be pulled off the App Store and no longer available on July 1.  This is a strange move, but not an unprecedented one by ngmoco.  Topple was taken off the App Store to prevent undercutting sales of Topple 2.  I’d expect there will be an option to import or buy the original levels inside of Rolando 2 as DLC, but there has been no mention of this so far.  If you haven’t bought the original Rolando already, I’d play it safe and buy it now.

To celebrate this new release, Dr. Awesome and Word Fu are on sale for $0.99 each.

Source: TA Forums

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