Star Defense Review: Defending your Galaxy

This tower defense offering from ngmoco was certainly anticipated by many, including myself.  The publishing company has built a reputation around putting out quality titles, and Star Defense is no exception.

As the paths winds around tiny 3D planets, you need to place towers around the world to try and prevent baddies from reaching the end.  Towers range in ability from bullets to fire, slow downs, and electrical.  Certain enemies can avoid specific types, so you need to vary your towers and their placement.  There are seven worlds to play through on several difficulty levels, and challenge levels to play to survive the longest.  With so many quality tower defense titles already available on the app store, is Star Defense really worth getting?


Beautiful worlds: Full control to spin your world and zoom in and out really lets you see the details of each planet.  With all the normal controls like pinching and dragging, you can manipulate the world with immediate ease.  They all look great as well, and it easily makes Star Defense the best looking tower defense game on the iPhone that I’ve seen.  Having a 3D world does raise the problem that towers can be hidden on the other side of the planet at times and you can’t see the action going on.  This is manageable though, and it keeps you busy checking on the other baddies.

New online service: Star Defense is treated to a new online service from ngmoco called Plus+.  Simply put, it’s XBox Live for the iPhone.  The interface is gorgeous, and it makes managing achievements and playing with friends a breeze.  It’s really too bad that all games on the app store won’t have support in this, but I’ll be looking forwards to seeing whatever games get added to the service.


Low amount of worlds: The seven worlds you’re presented with at the start to progress through and unlock seems a bit small.  Sure, you can play them on three different difficulty levels, but I’d prefer to have more worlds to play through.  I can’t help but feel some have been purposefully left out to be used as DLC in the future.

Star Defense is a lot of fun.  Working towards getting achievements and unlocking maps will keep you busy for a fair amount of time.  The online integration is definitely top notch: Twitter, Facebook, and Plus+ posting lets you challenge friends as much as you want.  It’s a tower defense title that fans of the genre will no doubt enjoy.


Star Defense is published by ngmoco and is available for $5.99.  It is also a notable release, since it carries the debut of the Plus+ network.  I played through version 1.2 on an iPod Touch 2G.



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