Flight Control Update Brings Multiplayer Over Bluetooth

The latest firmware update brings some exciting options for gamers, and we’re slowly starting to see them appear as updates for games.  Flight Control has received an update that now adds multiplayer with another device by connecting through Bluetooth.

Please note that first generation iPod Touch and iPhone users will not be able to join in on the fun for this capability.  For everyone else, all you need is another friend with Flight Control and you’ll be able to play together.  Before, you’d have to rely on being on the same Wifi network before playing.  This capability makes multiplayer a lot easier and more convienient.

Here’s what Firemint had to say on the new feature:

Using Peer-to-Peer networking on supported devices, two Flight Controllers can now play together. One Controller will be in charge of pink aircraft, the other of yellow and blue. Aircraft will appear as usual, but you can only land your own colour(s) – other aircraft must be directed off the side of the screen and will then appear on the other Controller’s airfield.

I can’t wait to try the mode out myself, and the more games that begin to implement Bluetooth multiplayer the better!

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