Want Something Free? Koala Dartz and Fast And Furious

Starbyt lowered the price of their game, Koala Dartz, from $.99 to free.  If you haven’t yet jumped on the Bloons bandwagon, then I suggest downloading Koala Dartz for free.  It is a fun game, and you can’t beat the price.  Some people think Koala Dartz is better than Bloons, but I think Bloons has the edge.  Regardless, you can try Koala Dartz for free and make up your own mind.  Feel free to read through our full bloons review.

Digital Bridges released a lite version of Fast and  Furious The Game on the app store.  The lite version is called Fast and Furious The Game Test Drive.  It is very limited in gameplay, but it will let you try out the game for free.  However, I cannot stress enough that I think Need For Speed is the best racer on the app store.  You can read our full review of Need for Speed for more details on that title.

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