Touch Ski 3D Review: Chill Out this Summer

If you’re like me — someone who lives in a very hot state during the summer, sometimes you need something to take your mind off the heat.  You could grab a cool drink, take a swim in a pool, or in this case: take a less orthodox approach.  With Touch Ski 3D, you’ll forget about the heat as you cruise down the snow covered slopes.

Touch Ski 3D is a downhill skiing game that makes you control the skiis with your fingers.  You race down slopes in a sort of first person view; you can see the tips of skiis on the ground, and these are controlled by you placing your fingers on the screen.  Turn them to the side, and you turn just like in real life.  There’s a variety of gameplay modes and enough to keep you busy for a while.  Now, let’s look a little more in-depth one the game mechanics.


Become one with the skiis: The game’s controls are unique.  To play, you need to place two fingertips on the screen as if they are the skiis.  This means trying to keep the skis as parallel as possible for maximum speed, and turning your fingers to change your direction.

Course variety: There are 42 different courses and six main game modes in Touch Ski 3D: race, slalom, freestyle park, tight Slalom, distance jump, and freestyle jump.  These are more than enough to keep you busy for a while.  The tight slalom races were especially challenging, but bordered on frustrating.

Tricking out: The tricks do take some time to learn and master, but once you’ve got them down you’ll be scoring points with no problem. Tricks are pretty easy and intuitive to pull off: to do a 360, just swipe from either the right side or the left.  These can be stacked to do a 720, and so on.  The multiplier will increase by spinning or doing multiple tricks in the air.  To keep it challenging, in order to land a trick you must have your two fingers back on the skis to stabilize yourself.


Big fingers?: The skiis can be too hard to control for people with large fingers.  This is a problem that will be hard to rectify with the current control scheme, and is more of an issue that gamers should be aware of before buying.

Crashing: I experienced crashes at times.  Of course, rebooting the iPod fixed that problem, but it’s still a pain to have happen.

Overall, the controls are a unique experience and it makes it a game worth buying, especially for $0.99.  Enjoy this quality game and fun 3D skiing experience.


Touch Ski 3D was developed by Naquatic and is available for $0.99.  I played through version 2.0 on an iPod Touch 1G.  There’s also a lite version to try.




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