Gaming Accessories Look Like a Reality: 22Moo’s GameBone Pro

Even though the GameBone Pro doesn’t have much to offer yet, it is set to release in September of this year (2009).  22Moo (an Australian company) announced yesterday that they plan to release this new game controller with an 8-way directional pad and 6 buttons.  The controller will also feature dual connectivity (meaning you can connect the controller via blue-tooth or the 30-pin connector).  As you can probably imagine, this is of particular interest to us at  While I think it is a great addition to an already great platform, I hope that developers still continue to work on games with innovative controls (like Tiger Woods Golf, Sway, Space Ninja, etc).  However, some games could really benefit from a controller like the GameBone Pro.

One downside to this controller is the lack of a joystick.  I much prefer joysticks for racing games and first person shooters because they make everything easier to control and  make the game feel more fluid.  It is also important to note that it appears the GameBone Pro is still in the early stages of production.  I have not seen any shots of the actual physical product yet, so they may make some changes between now and release.  I assume there are those that will be glad for the addition of other hardware and those that aren’t.  One issue that will probably need to be addressed early pertains to whether developers will program games exclusively for a controller or create games with multiple control schemes.  I, for one, would not want to have to carry a controller with me everywhere I went.  I would like to be able to play a game just using my iPod and then use a controller when playing for longer periods at home or on a plane.

We would love to have some of you post your thoughts on this new concept in the iPhone/iPod gaming market.  What do you think about the idea?  Would you buy a controller?  How much would you pay (pricing is not yet available)?

As always, we will work hard to keep you up to date on new 3.0 hardware and accessories.  Stay tuned for further updates!

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