Mass Effect Galaxy Released: Follow Jacob’s Story

EA Mobile‘s Mass Effect Galaxy has been released on the App Store for $4.99.  Mass Effect was originally a 360 and PC role playing game that mixed in the ability to play through the game with your own style, and make decisions during cutscenes.  EA’s describing this one as a “stylish animated graphic novel experience”.  Your time will be split between making choices in dialog trees, which fans will remember from the original Mass Effect, or playing in a top down combat mode.

For hardcore Mass Effect fans, it’s important to note that two characters you see in the game will be appearing in Mass Effect 2.  Think of this as a sort of sneak peek into their lives, before playing Mass Effect 2 in 2010.  There is also a tie in to Mass Effect 2 when you complete this game, as a special message is displayed.

First impressions around the web seem to indicate hold off on buying this: the gameplay is a bit too simple, and dialog tree choices have minimal impact.  I’d say wait for our full review of Mass Effect Galaxy unless you’re a big fan of the series.




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