App Store Roundup: Pinball Games

With over fifty thousand apps now available on the app store, sorting through them can be difficult.  This roundup aims to give you an idea of all the pinball games available on the store.  This list is not entirely exhaustive — there’s too many to mention, and many worth skipping over. I haven’t had the chance to play through all of these myself, so on some games I’ll be going by the critical reception and iTunes reviewers’ opinions.

Now, let’s take a look at ten pinball games available on the app store!

Monster Pinball $3.99, Matmi, App Store Link


I really like the look of Monster Pinball, and it’s received an overwhelming majority of five star reviews on iTunes. Check for our full review on this one soon.

Pinball $0.99, Tiny Diversions, App Store Link


Pinball seems to lack the personality that many other offerings on the app store provide.  For only a buck it’s a bit of a bargain bin title, and it looks the part.  I’d say your best bet is to play the other games first, before giving this a shot.

Wild West Pinball Free, OOO Gameprom, App Store Link


Wild West Pinball is one of the best pinball games on the App Store.  We reviewed it and had a great time playing through it.  With a smooth framerate and great graphics, it’s a steal for being a free game.  Grab it.

Pinball Dreaming: Pinball Dreams $4.99, Cowboy Rodeo, App Store Link


Silly name, fun game.  As a port of the original Amiga classic, the visuals may not be as impressive as other pinball titles, but the gameplay is solid.  This game comes recommended by many, despite the relatively high price tag.

ZEN Pinball: Rollercoaster $4.99, Zen Studio, App Store Link


ZEN Pinball is an all around solid pinball game.  It sports a fully 3D table and smooth framerate.  One downside is the slightly high price tag, especially for a game that was released in August 2008.  There’s also another ZEN Pinball game, Inferno, which is also $4.99.

Freeballin’ $3.99, IUGO Mobile, App Store Link


Freeballin’ recently came out with an update that added a Toy Bot Diaries level to the game.  There has been a steady flow of updates to the game, and a lite version to check out before buying.

Pinball: Casino Madness $0.99, Divagen, App Store Link


While the price is good, the graphics look dated.  The game was released in April 2009, and has since received an update from the developer with new features and bug fixes.

Pinball Destruction $0.99, Martin Reddy, App Store Link


The destruction of levels is the hook for this pinball game.  A bland colour palette makes this one a hard sell.

Neon Ball $0.99, Simon Moss, App Store Link


I haven’t played this one, and the graphics aren’t selling me on it.  The neon colours seem a bit too simple.

SmallBall Pinball, Grand Canyon Free, SmallBall, App Store Link


Reviews are unfavourable on iTunes, with a 2 1/2 star rating.  I’d give it a shot though, since the price is right: free!

And that’s it for this roundup!  I’d like to give a nod to this thread on the TA forums, for giving me some ideas on games to cover.  Did we miss any pinball games you know of?  Would you recommend any of these pinball games to other gamers?  Let us know in the comments.

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