Toki Tori Review: Tough and Fun!

Toki Tori is one of the newer games Chillingo released on the app store. It is a puzzle platformer, but it is very original and different from other offerings. To be completely honest, at first I didn’t get caught up in the hype for this game. However, the more I read about it, the more I got excited about its release. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I sure was reading a lot of good reviews.

This is one such review. Since I have been able to spend quite a number of hours playing Toki Tori, I have become somewhat addicted to completing every level. Besides the intuitive controls and creative worlds, the puzzles are actually challenging. I know that it shouldn’t seem odd that puzzles would be difficult, but I have played a number of puzzle games (platformers and others) that are too simple. Toki Tori will at have you stuck at some points, but it will make it all that more rewarding when you finally figure out the level.


Stuck? Don’t Be: The developers behind Toki Tori (Two Tribes) really hit the nail on the head when they decided to give the player the ability to skip one level (if they are stuck). This way, you don’t end up playing the same level over and over again. You can instead skip that level using the wildcard and play the next level. However, you only get one wildcard, so, if you want to skip another level, you will have to go back and solve the level you already skipped.

Intuitive Controls and Zoom: The controls don’t get much simpler than Toki Tori. You simple touch the location that you want to move to. In addition, you are given special abilities to the left (in a column) that you click on to use. You can also zoom out to see the whole level, and the game automatically pauses (nice touch)!

Creativity: I think Toki Tori is very creative. The abilities used to solve puzzles, the variety of enemies/obstacles, and the different worlds are just plain creative. I give a game extra points for being creative these days. Puzzles aren’t new by any means, so I really appreciate puzzle games that actually offer a creative experience.


Can be Repetitive: Toki Tori can become repetitive over time. The different worlds and different “abilities” help to keep the game fresh, but there are only so many ways you can solve a 2D puzzle. Personally, I haven’t gotten tired of Toki Tori, but I can understand that some would. However, those who would get bored by Toki Tori probably aren’t fans of the puzzle genre. This is the only reason that I give Toki Tori and buy rating instead of a must have rating.

I really enjoyed playing Toki Tori, and I would highly recommend the game to all puzzle fans. For those of you that aren’t fans of puzzle platformers, Toki Tori is really a toss up. For $4.99 you will get a very polished and fun game that will keep you busy for quite a while!


Chillingo released Toki Tori for $4.99. I played through version 1.1 on an iPod Touch 2G.  A free version is also available to try.




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