Star Defense Released: Tower Defense Meets Space

The long wait is over, as Star Defense is now available for $5.99. This highly anticipated title from ngmoco brings the tower defense genre into space. The 3D worlds that can be spun around and zoomed in on will be very familiar if you’ve played the Wii game, Super Mario Galaxy.  Each planet is detailed completely so that you can see it and play through the level at any angle you choose.

Here are some details from ngmoco on the release:

  • Build your defenses from 5 classes of towers, for a grand total of 15 different weapons, each with their own unique attributes, firing ranges and reload frequencies.
  • Battle your friends over Twitter, Facebook, or email. Check out scores posted by other Star Defense players and take on their challenges by searching for #StarDefense on Twitter.
  • Defend 7 breathtaking worlds, each with its own distinct path layout, enemy types and immunities, and weapon choices.
  • Collect over 20 Medals and more than 30 Commendations by accomplishing specific feats on the field.

We’ll be bringing you the full details in our review shortly, after spending more time with the game. For now, check out Star Defense on the app store.




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