Star Ride Review: Keep Reaching Up

I have a confession to make. I’ve secretly been awaiting the release of Star Ride, ever since a teaser of the gameplay was shown on Youtube. The art style was simple but beautiful, and the gameplay fit that tone. Now, I’m happy to say that the game is available.

Star Ride places you in control of a boy on a starry night. You tap to jump once, and try to hit a star. Then, every time you hit a star, you’re propelled upwards. You move the boy left and right by keeping a finger on the screen and dragging it in the direction you want him to go. Stars are placed strategically so that at times it will be difficult to keep moving up unless you react quickly. At any point on your travel into the night sky, if you miss a star and begin a descent, your game is over. Now let’s see how the game plays.


Atmosphere: I really enjoyed the dark, night sky contrasted with the bright yellow stars. This made them easy to spot. Tones play each time you hit a star, and they really set the mood for the game.

Chaining stars: The game really feels like a unique experience when you can propel yourself from one star into the next, and so on. If you can get lucky and land at least five in a row to keep going directly up, the sounds of hitting the stars almost feels like it’s making a song. Getting chains like this were my favourite part of the game.


Handling losses: It’s game over as soon as you miss a star and begin to fall downwards. A high score menu pops up, and really pulls you out of the game. I would have preferred to see the top scores handled automatically in the background, and an opportunity to save yourself on a star on the way down.

Star Ride has a unique visual style and is an interesting game.  I would have rated it higher, but the game is short and the longevity of it entirely depends on how much you want to improve your score.  Alternate game modes, or a global high score list shared over the internet, could have countered the short length.  For $1.99, take a look at the gameplay video below and see if it’s a style of game you would be interested in playing.


Star Ride was developed by Andrea Mazzini and is available for $1.99. I played the game through multiple sessions at version 1.0, on an iPod Touch 2G.



3 thoughts on “Star Ride Review: Keep Reaching Up

  1. Hi
    I’m the developer of Star Ride.
    First of all I want to thank you for your feedback, we’re currently working to refine the gameplay, especially the handling of the end of the game.
    Meanwhile we implemented a global and geotagged high score system, in collaboration with
    We are about to submit the first update of the game, hopefully it will be available the next week.


  2. Wow, the graphical style and music is very attractive! It’s good the developer is committed to enhancing the gameplay. Thanks for reviewing this game, I am going to buy it right now.

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