App Treasures: Indie Developers Form New Label

To try and stick out from the crowd in the App Store, several independent developers have teamed up to form a new label called App Treasures.  Their goal is for consumers to see the App Treasures label as a guarantee of quality when buying games.  While the label has started off with only five developers so far, they have plans to expand and include more games as long as the games pass a test of quality.

The current members of App Treasures are:

  • The Blimp Pilots (Koi Pond, Distant Shore)
  • Imangi Studios (Imangi, Word Squares, Little Red Sled)
  • Snappy Touch (Flower Garden)
  • Streaming Colour Studios (Dapple)
  • Veiled Games (Up There, Payday Roulette)

I think this is a great idea to help games receive more attention from the eyes of gamers, and it will be interesting to see what other games join the club.  For more information, visit or follow @apptreasures on Twitter.

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