Flight Control Update: New Maps, Planes, Features

The new Flight Control update from Firemint has just gone live.  I’ve been looking forward to this update for the simple fact that two new maps have been added.  Besides this, you also get five new aircrafts and some new game features.  Here’s the description from the team:

Flight Control now includes 3 airfields and 9 aircraft types:

  • NEW: Coast into a relaxing beachside resort and guide the jets, helicopters and seaplanes in to land (or float…)
  • NEW: Take the helm of the control center on an aircraft carrier and command military jets and helicopters. Watch out for the twist in this one 😉

And a new game feature:

  • NEW: You can now fast-forward the game and speed up the action. No more waiting impatiently for the first few planes to appear!

It all sounds good to me.  Update the game now and start sharing your scores on the Cloudcell website!  Can you beat my score of 65?



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