iDroidsMania Review: 2D is Back!

iDroidsMania hit the app store quietly, but I think it deserves some attention. Artificial Life found a way to revive the fun 2d platformer genre. iDroidsMania resembles the gameplay found in many of those original Nintendo platformers (with updated graphics, of course). I really didn’t expect much when I first opened iDroidsMania, but I was rather pleasantly surprised. While the storyline may not fit all tastes, the gameplay is rather fun!

The basic storyline is pretty typical. An evil robot has kidnapped your family (of robots) and you need to save them. The game offers two modes: Story and Arcade. Both modes of play are equally fun. As you probably guessed, the story mode lets you play through the storyline, while the arcade mode just has you playing through a level and collecting baby bots hidden along the way. As you progress through the levels, you pick up new weapons which provide new and fun ways to take out your enemies.


Colors: iDroidsMania is just pretty to look at. The use of colors in the design of the levels is superb and gives it a very polished feel. I am hard pressed to find a better looking color scheme in any other game on the app store.

Gameplay: This is just one of those games that are fun to play. I took a little while to write a review because I just kept playing iDroidsMania. While many games get the controls and graphics right, they lack gameplay. iDroidsMania delivers on all fronts.


Storyline: The storyline was a little cheesy for me, but I have to admit that I don’t really ever play games for the storyline. I would take a game with great gameplay over a game with a great storyline any day of the week.

Repetition: iDroidsMania gets repretitive over time to the point of becoming dull.  I would like to see just a little more variety in the game.  As it is right now, it keeps your attention for a while and then becomes dull.

I really enjoyed getting the chance to play a new take on the 2d platformer genre. iDroidsMania is a fantastic title, and it is pretty unique in the app store. For $1.99, I would recommend highly recommend it. iDroidsMania has a good amount of depth and is just plain fun!


iDroidsMania was developed by Artificial Life and is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch for $1.99. I played through version 1.0.0 on an iPod Touch 2G.




2 thoughts on “iDroidsMania Review: 2D is Back!

  1. I totally disagree with you, Ryan. While iDroidsMania is the perfect definition of 2D side-scrolling, it just becomes plain, bland and utterly boring in the end. There are much better side-scrolling games for the iPhone out there. My recommendation : don’t buy.

    1. Vikram,

      Thanks for the input. I do see your point that iDroidsMania feels repetitive by the end of the game. However, I haven’t found many 2d platformers that aren’t repetitive on the app store. Bounce On is an exception, of course, but I would call bounce on a “Must Have.” I think it is kind of the mario of the app store. I thought about reviewing iDroidsMania as worth a look, but it is hard for me to drop the rating just because it is repetitive. I may end up doing that, but I am undecided for now. I still think it was fun, and at it’s current price point (1.99), I think it is worth it for fans of 2D platformers.

      Thanks for visiting the site and for your constructive feedback!

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