Tap Tap Revenge 2 Update Lets You Import Music

Tapulous have put out an update to Tap Tap Revenge 2, bringing it to version 2.5.  This is a significant update that comes with quite a few new features.  Specifically, the one I’ve been enjoying the most is the ability to import premium content into Tap Tap Revenge 2.  So, for example, if you own Tap Tap Dance, all the songs from that game can be imported directly into TTR 2.  Imported tracks keep their visual style, and the other game can then be deleted off your iPod.

This is a great move in pushing the Tap Tap Revenge series into a true platform.  The paid versions of TTR are now like track packs from Rock Band, with full importing.  It’s worked for me: I just bought another track pack today because I love the importing feature.  It works flawlessly, and having all my music consolidated into one place makes it a lot more convienent to play.

Other new features include support for themes for each songs, and challenges that can be issued to other players.  The gameplay interface has been tweaked, although my first impression is that the changes are a bit of a step backwards in the development of the game.

Lastly, there’s an interesting levelling feature that is designed to gear us up for Tap Tap Revenge 3.  Here’s what Tapulous had to say:

In Tap Tap Revenge 2.5 you get points for every game you play – and more points for online games. Head over to the feed (the button below the main featured button) and you can see how many points you’ve accumulated and what level you’re at. In Tap Tap Revenge 3, you’ll be able to cool stuff with the points that you’re earning now.

So, we get to use these points that are accumulated now in the next game.  Sounds good to me!  Check out the update of Tap Tap Revenge 2 on the App Store.

Update: Looking to find out how to get your custom tracks imported?  Here’s how to do it:

  1. Purchase a premium pack.
  2. Start up the purchased game, and make sure you are online.  This will let the server know you have bought the game.
  3. Now start up Tap Tap Revenge 2.
  4. Choose “Free Tracks”.
  5. Choose “New Music”.
  6. Scroll to the bottom, and you should now see your purchased pack available as a listing.  Choose it, and download all tracks.

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