Modulo Review: A Fun Puzzle Game

I haven’t really gotten into many puzzle games, but lately I’ve really been enjoying Modulo. It isn’t one of those puzzles games that drives you crazy and makes you want to throw your device out the window, but instead it’s one of those puzzle games that you can say, “Hey, I can play and be good at this game!”

Modulo is a very easy to game to get used to. Your main goal is to have all the pieces on the board facing with the green half of it up.  Pieces are rotated by simply touching them. When you rotate one piece it might be connected to another one so you’ll be rotating both pieces. In later levels there will be more pieces, more rotations, and more connections to be made.


The music: It’s just fun music to listen to and it has a bunch of cool sounds in it. I also like that you’re able to go to any level at any time. That means absolutely no unlocking puzzles you don’t want to do!


Can be frustrating: In later levels, it does get harder so you might get frustrated and press the reset button a lot.  This will come as no surprise to those used to playing puzzle games, but just know ahead of time that it can get difficult.

Modulo is a puzzle game many people will enjoy. Even people that aren’t fans of puzzle games should give this a try. Other than the fact that it can get difficult, Modulo is a game most people will be able to play.  Definitely, if you’re a puzzle fan, buy this.


Modulo was developed by Electric Top Hat and is available for $0.99.  There is also a free lite version that has 15 puzzles.  I played version 1.0 on an iPod Touch 1G.



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