Wonderful Word Games Sale Starts May 22nd

Six iPhone developers have banded together and decided to put each of their word games on sale for only $0.99.  The sale begins on May 22nd, and carries on to May 31st.  Games involved in the sale are:

Here’s what promotion organizer Christopher York had to say:

All of us make word games, but we’re really not competitors. In fact a customer who buys a game from one of us will likely enjoy any or all of the other games, so we have much more to gain by working together than by going it alone. To my knowledge we’re the first group of developers to try something exactly like this campaign, but we’ll probably not be the last. If independent developers hope to remain viable on the App Store, they will need to start getting more creative with their marketing.

This looks like a great time to pick up any of the games that you’ve been waiting for a price drop.  For more information on the games and the developers behind them, visit http://www.wonderfulwordgames.com.

One thought on “Wonderful Word Games Sale Starts May 22nd

  1. I have played many word games but STITCH EM WORDS is miles ahead….. It’s a real addictive game with a completely new approach to word games… if you don’t have it.. I highly reecommend you totry it

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