Anytime Pool Review: A Great Pool Game at Last!

Finally! A pool game on the iPhone worth getting excited about! EA (Electronic Arts) recently released Anytime Pool on the app store. This is not just another pool game. This is the game that I wish all of the other pool games were like. It combines the good graphics, realistic physics, puzzles, fluid controls, and realistic gameplay into one package (more on that below).

I have every pool game currently on the app store. Some of them have good graphics, but the physics are terrible. Others have good gameplay and realistic physics but look terrible. Anytime pool doesn’t cut corners anywhere (pun intended)! The graphics look good, and the gameplay is great. Keep in mind that these are graphics for a pool game rather than a third-person shooter, so they will not be the best for the iPhone, but they are very good. Anytime pool also lets the player choose the style of play with three difficulty levels. This is a fantastic option because many players don’t want to see lines aiming all the way down the table. However, there are other players who prefer playing with lines. Anytime pool gives the player the option of playing with no lines, a line to the ball, and a line to the ball coupled with a line to the pocket. You can choose the style that you like best. In addition to all of that, you can choose to play a quick game, play through a career, or complete puzzles (challenges). The amount of depth and level of fun are well worth the current price tag.


Graphics: Like I said above, the graphics are great for a pool game. I really enjoyed the look of the pool table in particular. I just think it looks more realistic than most of the pool games available on the app store.

Difficulty Options: The player gets to choose the style of play (or difficulty) by selecting between three options. The first option draws a line from the pool stick to the cue ball and from the cue ball to the pocket, the second option only draws a line from the pool stick to the cue ball, and the third option does not draw any lines. These options accommodate players at all levels.

Gameplay: One of my pet peeves is that so many pool games don’t let you play like you would in real life. They won’t let you jump or curve the cue ball, and they draw lines all over the place. With Anytime Pool, I can choose to not use lines, and I can jump and curve cue balls to my hearts content. Playing Anytime Pool just feels more like really playing a game of pool!


Backgrounds are a Little Tacky: At times the backgrounds/environments felt a little tacky. However, the pool table itself looked good, so it didn’t detract too much from the game. Some of the environments look really good, so I am not sure what happened with some of the backgrounds.

No Overhead View: Ok, I know that in a real pool game you can’t look from straight overhead, so I think this was a gameplay choice on the part of EA. Still, at times I like to look from overhead to get a quick snapshot of the location of all of the pool balls.

I would say that my overall opinion of Anytime Pool is very positive. I have really enjoyed playing, and I would recommend this game to anyone. If you are only going to pick up one pool game on the app store, this is it! I own them all, and I would play Anytime Pool over any of the others I have.


Anytime Pool was developed by EA and is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch for $4.99. I played through version 1.0.3 on an iPod Touch 2G.





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  1. Cool! I’ve been avoiding pool apps because like you said, some look bad and others play badly. I’ll check this one out.

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