Myst is Out Now, Start Freeing Up Space

Myst is out now!  One of the best selling PC games of all times has come to iPhones and iPod Touches for $5.99.  This adventure game is going to take up some serious space on your iPod, as it’s 727 MB.  I can’t think of any gaming release that’s even come close to that in size.  Anyone who stumbles across the game looking for a quick gaming fix and has to wait for hours for it to download are going to be in for a surprise.

The game is a point and click adventure, a genre that lends itself to the iPhone perfectly.  You continue through the adventure by interacting with the environment: tap interesting objects, flip switches, solve puzzles, all to progress forwards.  For those that haven’t played the original 1993 classic, Myst may prove to be an engrossing adventure with unparalleled attention to detail.  For everyone else, $5.99 seems worthy enough to take a trip down nostalgia lane.

As the app’s description points out, your going to need at least 1.5 GB of free space on your device before installing the game, due to the install process.  After the initial install, only the full 727 MB will be used.  The developer also notes that your download time may take a while (no kidding!).

Buy Myst by Cyan Worlds on the App Store.




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