Peggle To Launch May 12th (Prepare for the Addiction)

You might as well sign your productive life away when Peggle comes out on May 12th.  Sure, you could study for that exam, you could actually do your job at work, but let’s face it, Peggle is serious business.  Clearing out orange pegs?  Now, that is your top priority.

PopCap Games are bringing the addictive puzzler to the iPhone.  If you haven’t played it before, the premise is simple.  You shoot a ball from the top of the screen downwards, and try to hit all of the orange pegs.  Hitting an orange peg makes it disappear, and once they are all gone, you pass the level.  Levels do become more complicated with obstacles, the layout of blue pegs, and your use of special powers.

Not convinced?  You will be.  Watch a video of the game on PC below to get an idea of the mayhem.

Source: Joystiq

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