Firemint Shares Sales Details for Hit Game Flight Control

Firemint have done all developers a favour and shared comprehensive sales data for Flight Control.  The game had the privilege to sit on top of the App Store at #1 for about two weeks in many countries, and continues to rank near the top.  The numbers give an insight on what kind of sales it takes to lead each country.  Here’s some specific stats:

  • Sales during the report period: 587,485
  • Sales to date (6 March to 27 April): over 700,000
  • Graph of global sales per day
  • Total sales per country (57% of sales in USA)
  • Peak sales days (over 35,000 sold on best day) and sales trends over time
  • Highest daily sales per country (19,164 in the USA)
  • Chart performance: sales per day per country at #1
  • Appendix with 8 pages of raw sales data: units per day per country

The report is compiled in an easy to read PDF, available here.  Check out the full blog post from Firemint and drop them a line to say thanks.

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