World of Warcraft on your iPhone? Maybe!

Rumours are flying around the internet that World of Warcraft may be coming to the iPhone.  This is because of a recent video posted on Youtube that shows off gameplay.  The game would be brought to the iPhone through the Vollee client, and as TouchArcade writes,

The game is running in the Vollee client, an application from a mobile company whose main purpose is to develop software to allow mobile 3G phones to play CPU intensive PC applications over the network.

Vollee has even announced  previously that they have a partnership with Activision for possibly  making a World of Warcraft port.  This news is NOT confirmed, but check out the video and see for yourself how convincing it looks.

World of Warcraft gamers — do you see yourself playing WoW on an iPhone?  Or would it be too hard without a keyboard?  Let us know in the comments.

Source: TouchArcade

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