Silent Scope First Impressions

Touch Konami have released their latest remake: Silent Scope for $5.99.  This on-rails arcade shooter gives you the opportunity to play the role of a sniper and take down enemies.  Silent Scope includes a story mode where the president and his family have been abducted by terrorists, and it’s your job to save them.

Once the game starts, the graphics do not impress and look very pixellated with low resolution textures.  I did like having voice acting start the sequence, something which is a relief from having to read through story elements like in Metal Gear Solid Touch, Konami’s other title.  To play the game, you are given a wide view of the landscape and need to double tap to zoom in on enemies.  Once zoomed, you can pan and fire to take down enemies.  Shooting single enemies is easy enough, but trying to move your aim against moving targets becomes frustrating.

The nine stages and three gameplay types (story, shooting range, and time attack) may prove to be a redeeming factor for this title.  But after playing through a stage, the poor graphics and difficult controls give me an easy choice to recommend avoiding this title.

Check out Silent Scope on the App Store.




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