Wild West Pinball Review: Die Dirty Harry!

Welcome to Wild West, a good old classic pinball game for everyone. This pinball game is filled with Western objects and locations, such as a railroad, jail, an Indian village, and a bank. Wild West will amaze you with its 3D graphics and accurate physics.

The controls are really simple: all you do is tap anywhere on the right to move the right flipper and anywhere on the left to move the left flipper. Using some basic pinball techniques, such as holding a flipper up to hold the ball, or letting the ball bounce off one flipper to another, you’ll be able to make the ball go to the place you want it to go. After you lose the ball three times, it’s game over.

There are some really cool and amusing things in Wild West Pinball. The first is that you can “kill people”. Now if you look at the left side of the screenshot, you’ll see something called “Kill Dirty Harry”. You’ll get to kill this Dirty Harry once you manage to hit and light up the lights underneath that. To kill Dirty Harry you must tap the screen at the right time so the pinball can launch out and hit him. If your successful you get points (money) that will help your score. That is one of my favourite things about Wild West Pinball.

Another cool thing is that you get to rob a bank. Once you open it you’ll be able to hit the ball in and get money. One time this landed me $500,000!

Wild West brings an experience like no other pinball game available on the App Store. With it running on 40 frames per second, and the camera zooming in on specific parts of the board, you’ll feel like your actually a part of the pinball board. I’m not kidding. Not only does Wild West Pinball have that, it also has beautiful 3D graphics.

Overall, Wild West Pinball is a very enjoyable pinball game. If your a guy that likes flashy Pinball games, this isn’t meant for you. Wild West is meant for people you enjoy classic, high quality pinball.


Wild West Pinball was developed by OOO Gameprom and is available for $1.99.  I played through version 1.0 on an iPod Touch 1G.

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