Sky Burger Review: A Big Mac has Nothing on These Burgers

The premise of Sky Burger is simple: you fill orders by stacking the correct condiments on your burger as they fall from the sky. You need to tilt the iPod Touch left and right to catch them, and avoid finishing your burger with the top of a bun before the condiments have been added. The gameplay is simple, but does that make the game fun?


Graphics: Everything about Sky Burger is very well designed.  The icon is your first clue that a lot of attention has gone into making every detail of the game look impressive.  A burger is stretching up through clouds, and even passing the outerline border of the icon to show depth.  A street scene is the background to your stacking, and all the condiments look impressive as well.

Physics: As more and more condiments are stacked on your burger, the harder it is to navigate between unwanted ones as your towering stack wobbles.  Whenever a new condiment is dropped onto your burger, it will also weigh down the stack.  This helps to convey the weight of the items.  All of this combines to make the game feel realistic and challenging.

Statistics: Everything you do as an employee of Sky Burger is tracked.  You have a position, and total wages, work time, your pay rate, and more.  These are all shared with an online leaderboard to see how you compare.  I think this is a great way to see how you stack up, and makes you want to keep playing.

Overall, I was highly impressed with Sky Burger and it’s an easy recommendation to everyone at $0.99.  It’s set as a limited time introductory price, so I’d advise checking it out now.   It’s a fun, simple game, that looks and plays great.


Sky Burger was developed by Ian Marsh and is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch for $0.99.  The version played for this review was 1.0 on an iPod Touch 2G.  Played through multiple times, and made it up to order #9.

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