2XL Supercross Review: Stunning Graphics

I’ll be honest — I thought the first gameplay video of 2XL Supercross was fake.  The character models looked just a bit too well detailed for an iPhone game, and the race tracks were also textured better than what’s to be expected.  You can bet I was then pleased to find out the game was real and out in the App Store shortly after its online video debut.

The game lets you choose from several tracks and then either race, practice, or time trial on each one.  Races always run smoothly and are a lot of fun to play.  The time trial times can be shared online to compete with friends and others on leaderboards.  There are also many ways come up to customize the experience, as the developer writes:

– Ride 125cc, 250cc and 450cc bikes
– Select your appearance from hundreds of different bike and rider combinations
– Race with up to 5 bikes and riders
– 12 tracks to race on
– 4 camera views including first person with handle bars

2XL Supercross is a bit hard to steer.  You turn by tilting the device left and right, which I found imprecise at times.  With practice it does get easier, and the sensitivity options in the menu can be tweaked to match your playing style.  Racing against your five opponents is fun and the three difficulty levels always mean you can find the right balance for your skill level.

The tracks are a lot of fun to play on, with jumps all over the map and lots of room for air time.  This makes the game scream of a need for a tricks system.  It’d be perfect if you could do directional swipes while in the air like in Vans Sk8 to pull off tricks.  Perhaps this could come in the way of a sequel.

One issue to note with the game is that gamers playing 2XL Supercross on an iPhone specifically have a ‘stripped-down’ version of the game.  This is due to the iPod Touch 2G being more powerful than all the other variants of the platform.  Here’s what the developer had to say on the subject:

The only thing that is different on the iPod Touch 2nd generation is the fact that you race against 2 more AI riders, and the tracks have more haybales and objects. Everything else is the same, physics, tracks, lap times, controls, fun factor…. The differences are pretty minor, and I hope you can still enjoy the game just as much.

All in all, 2XL Supercross looks fantastic and is the game to show off when whipping out your iPhone or iPod Touch.  The game is a bit pricey at $7.99, but for those who are looking for quality games on their portable device, look no further.


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