App Store Roundup: Top Paid Games April 5th

Once a week, we profile five games from the US App Store Top 100 paid games category.

Each week, the games are ones we have not featured before and are worth checking out.

Let’s dig in:

Let’s golf! – $5.99


Let’s golf! is a great, fully featured golf game just in time for spring.  We reviewed it and gave it a perfect score of 5/5.  It’s everything you could want in a portable golf game.  This week it’s made it into the top 10, sitting at number seven.

App Store Link / Youtube Link

Bowman – $0.99


Many people will remember playing the flash game of the same name – Bowman brings back those memories and plays very smoothly on the iPhone.  As an archer, you learn to curve your arrows by taking into account wind and the angle of release.

App Store Link / Youtube Link

Scrabble – $4.99


Scrabble has been updated to include full online support for playing with your friends while they’re on Facebook.  Worth checking out for the Facebook Connect integration.

App Store Link / Youtube Link

Payback – $5.99


Apex Designs recently reported a gross revenue of $400,000 US for sales from Payback.  Check out this GTA style game now, or wait until Car Jack Streets releases shortly.

App Store Link / Youtube Link

Freeballin’ – $1.99


IUGO have just put out their pinball game with rendered 3-D visuals.  The first reviews so far have been favourable.

App Store Link / Youtube Link

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