Fast & Furious The Game First Impressions

To tie in with the movie release, I-play have put out Fast & Furious The Game.  Instead of the game feeling rushed out the door with little to offer as most movie tie-ins do, it feels and plays like a solid racer with a lot to offer.  The game comes with 36 vehicles to eventually win and drive.  There’s also 18 levels in the story mode to play through.  Let’s look a bit more in-depth on what Fast & Furious The Game brings to the table.

First off, the game runs very smoothly.  The framerate never stuttered to a point that was bothersome.  Cars are detailed well and look great — they almost look too good when compared with the textures of the environments.  Courses are varied and bring fresh colours to gameplay.

Fast & Furious controls like other racers: tilt the screen left and right to turn.  Your car is always accelerating, and to slow down you touch the screen anywhere.  There’s also a nitro boost you can use by touching it at the side of the screen.

I was most impressed by the story mode the game offers.  You follow the movie’s story, with actual cut-scenes during the action as you play.  The first mission involves you taking down a trailer’s payload by ramming it — the results of you doing so would show an action sequence reminiscent of the movie.  The story mode is also varied on play modes: there is racing, drag racing, pursuits, and others.

The game also includes local Wi-Fi racing where you can pink slip your opponent, or online racing for the best times.  Video sharing is built in with Youtube support, so after completing a great race you can easily upload that video to share with your friends.

For $5.99, Fast & Furious The Game is a great racer and has lots to do to keep you busy.  If you have a friend with the game, playing locally against them adds a lot of fun as well.

App Store Link: Fast & Furious The Game.

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