EA Mobile Announces Slew of Games for this Year – Madden, Fifa, SSX, More

This morning at GDC was EA Mobile’s turn to share news on their future plans.  They lined up the game announcements and have formally announced 14 titles that you are guaranteed to see this year on the iPhone.  Here’s the list:

  • American Idol
  • Battleship
  • Clue
  • Command & Conquer
  • Connect 4
  • EA Sports NBA Live
  • EA Sports FIFA 09
  • Madden NFL 10
  • Monopoly
  • Mystery Mania
  • Risk
  • Spore Creatures
  • SSX
  • Tiger Woods
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Wolfenstein RPG

Apart from these, don’t forget the previously announced Sims 3 and Need for Speed Undercover.  EA Mobile is seriously bringing all their big brand names into the iPhone game space, and this is great for iPhone gaming.

EA also demoed their new update to Scrabble, which now includes Facebook Connect.  The functionality is really amazing: you can play multiplayer games with your friends on Facebook while you play on the iPhone.  Facebook Connect is slowly permeating through the App Store, and expect to see it popping up more and more in the apps and games you use every day.

Stay tuned for news on the games listed above in the near future as details start to emerge.

Source: iPGN

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