Car Jack Streets, GTA Clone First Gameplay Video

The 2-D GTA2 style Car Jack Streets has its first gameplay video out now.  In the game, you can drive cars or go around on foot and cause havoc as you see fit.  You’re in debt for over a million and need to pay off the money, otherwise you are in big trouble.  Here’s an overview of the story from the publisher:

You are Randal Meyers a good guy that just happens to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people – most of the time.

Having witnessed the sudden and gruesome death of your father in a freak bagel cart accident you turned to gambling to soften the pain. Now your debt is over a million dollars and the mob are getting nervous. Your only friend in the whole city is Uncle Murphy. He isn’t your uncle and he isn’t really called Murphy but he’s all you’ve got.

Mob boss Frankie has cut you a deal. Pay back your debt $50,000 a week, every week, starting now. It’s that simple. Do whatever you have to but make sure you pay your dues. Drive taxis, steal cars, assassinate gang members – hell you can even deliver pizzas if you have to – just make those payments or you’re a dead man!

The game looks very detailed and appears to run at an impressive framerate.  Check out the trailer for Car Jack Streets from Tag Games below:

Source: Car Jack Streets

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